Working techniques: turning and hammering

Working techniques
A lathe

At Calegaro, artisans utilize turning and hammering among the various metal working techniques.

The turning is a productive process realized thanks to the help of a machine that is called “lathe”. The lathe used in metalworking is the parallel lathe. While the piece of metal endures a rotating movement, the tool, through a linear movement, shapes and processes the material through the removal of shavings. There are many types of turning, all depending on the type of surface you want to achieve with the instrument. Flat, cylindrical, conical surfaces and many others are created thanks to this technique.

The hammering is instead a technique that is performed almost entirely by hand and allows to obtain objects of great artistic quality. The metal is deformed thanks to the use of a hammer or repeated hammer blows. The process is usually carried cold metal in the form of a plate or sheet.

In this way our best craftsmen, endowed with considerable skill, create every day unique and exclusive products designed with the aim of satisfying every taste and need each customer might have.

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