We will attend the International Jewellery Fair to be held in Hong Kong from the 12th to the 18th of September 2018.
You can find us from the 14th to 18th of September in Hall 3G, Booth 628. We will be presenting some news and the latest Calegaro collections!

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Hong Kong

Jewellery & Gem Fair September 2018


metalworking techniques

Candlestick with 5 flames in bronze plated with 24 kt gold

Among the processing techniques used by our craftsmen we find plating. This consists in placing a metal layer over another metal surface and has the purpose of embellishing the objects. The applied layer, in addition to its aesthetic function, also helps to protect the objects: in fact, there are numerous external agents that could damage them, such as corrosive, atmospheric or oxidative agents. Plating can be done by hot or cold rolling or drawing.

The metal to which the additional layer is superimposed takes the name of base metal, usually normal steels. The covering material is called filler metal instead. It is generally more valuable than the basic one: it might be gold, silver or copper.

Inside the Calegaro Collections, numerous objects are finely decorated by hand and many of them are covered with 24 kt gold using this technique.

Città della Speranza foundation

Città della Speranza

The Calegaro company is pleased to have supported the Città della Speranza Foundation on the occasion of the “Festa della Speranza 2018” held in Cervarese Santa Croce and Montemerlo (PD) at the end of May 2018.
Città della Speranza is a non-profit organization founded in Padua in 1994 and is actively engaged in carrying out research for leukemia and other pediatric oncological diseases.
Calegaro wanted to contribute to this great cause by participating as a sponsor for the event.

The event was very successful and a total of more than € 27.000 were collected. The proceeds were totally donated to the Città della Speranza.

pro am la volpe argentata

“La Volpe Argentata” Special Edition

On Saturday, 14th of July 2018 at Golf della Montecchia (PD) the second edition of the event “ProAm Extraordinary54 – La Volpe Argentata” was held.

The name wants to pay tribute to Piero Taruffi, a great pilot and engineer nicknamed “La Volpe Argentata” for his skilled and smart driving. The event stems from the will of his daughter, Prisca Taruffi, to honor his father thirty years after his death. Prisca took part in the realization of the event collaborating with the three golf courses of Play Golf54.

The event attracted fans from the world of racing cars and sports. In fact, in addition to Elegance Competition for Vintage Cars, there was also a Golf ProAm PGAI. The teams competing for prizes were mixed squads of golfers, riders and celebrities.
Very rare vintage cars marched to win the first prize while the 47 teams competed on the golf course.

In the evening a gala dinner was held in the presence of Prisca Taruffi, who recalled her father. For the occasion, a clip in memory of Piero Taruffi was projected. At the end of the event, prizes were awarded to winners.

The Calegaro company has supported the event as a sponsor in a day that has been very successful among golf and racing cars lovers which will be repeated in 2019.


Working techniques: turning and hammering

Working techniques

A lathe

At Calegaro, artisans utilize turning and hammering among the various metal working techniques.

The turning is a productive process realized thanks to the help of a machine that is called “lathe”. The lathe used in metalworking is the parallel lathe. While the piece of metal endures a rotating movement, the tool, through a linear movement, shapes and processes the material through the removal of shavings. There are many types of turning, all depending on the type of surface you want to achieve with the instrument. Flat, cylindrical, conical surfaces and many others are created thanks to this technique.

The hammering is instead a technique that is performed almost entirely by hand and allows to obtain objects of great artistic quality. The metal is deformed thanks to the use of a hammer or repeated hammer blows. The process is usually carried cold metal in the form of a plate or sheet.

In this way our best craftsmen, endowed with considerable skill, create every day unique and exclusive products designed with the aim of satisfying every taste and need each customer might have.


Art of chiseling

Details: the art of chiseling

The art of chiseling is the work done thanks to the chisel, an instrument used to sculpt metal with precision. The era in which this tool was introduced is not well known, but its function in metalworking is fundamental. It looks like a small chisel, useful for modeling metal plates and objects made by casting.

The shape of the chisel is a small steel rod about 10-15 cm long with one end (called “head”) that takes different forms depending on the function it has to perform. Once the stick was made of iron, later replaced by steel to which cyanide was added to increase its hardness.

Depending on the type of work the craftsman has to perform, the tools can be of various sizes. The head of the chisel can in fact be roundish, pointed, flat or with particular motifs. Chisels used in metal work can be divided into two main categories: hot chisels and cold chisels.

It is an art that requires great skill and ability. At Calegaro, skilled craftsmen make unique works every day with the chiseling technique.


Celebrated on the second Sunday of May in Italy and in other countries of the world, Mother’s Day is fast approaching.
It is a celebration of very ancient origins and it was established to honor the figure of the mother and motherhood.

To celebrate the most important person of your life, Calegaro offers you a selection of products, that you can buy online. You can receive what you will choose directly to your home with free shipping!

The Nove99 Collection is full of beautiful objects made of various materials, such as glass, to which pure silver has been applied thanks to Sputtering technology.
Unique products and highly appreciated gift ideas, that range from vases to coloured heart-shaped cups.

Take advantage of this exclusive offer for a special occasion like this!
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Gift ideas for Mother's day

Gift ideas for Mother’s day

Discover a selection of products from the Nove99 Collection on Etsy:

Unique items designed to give a refined touch to your daily life will be delivered to your door.
The Nove99 Collection, created by our best craftsmen with passion and dedication, is the result of the innovative SputteringAG technology.  As a result of this particular technique, pure 999/ °°° silver is deposited over the most different surfaces such as glass, porcelain, plastic, wood and leather.

The products are entirely Made in Italy and characterized by their quality and design of the highest level. Thanks to the elegance that distinguishes them, they become suitable and perfect for every occasion. For both daily moments and special events, the Nove99 Line enriches your home with original and precious ideas.

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Clio Pastello

Grand opening

Tribute exhibition to Mario Pinton

Grand opening of the exhibition “Architectural Photography” – 5th April 2018 at 5.30 pm

The exhibition “Architectural Photography” has opened in Padua, a tribute to the master goldsmith Mario Pinton. Founder of the Paduan Gold School, Pinton has helped to train numerous talents recognized all over the world. Furthermore he was teacher and dean of the Pietro Selvatico Art School for many years.
On display there are 34 photographic plates made by his son Francesco Pinton, depicting the former abattoir, the school’s historical site. The building was built between 1818 and 1819 by Giuseppe Jappelli and was expanded in 1910 to incorporate the Institute.

Calegaro, sponsor of the event, invites you to the grand opening which will be held on Thursday 5th April. The exhibition will be open until Sunday 6th May.

From 5th April to 6th May 2018

Opening hours 10 am – 1 pm ; 3 pm – 7 pm. Closed on Monday

Location Galleria Cavour, Piazza Cavour (PD)

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