Villa Calegaro – Emo Capodilista

A building rich in history and tradition, the Villa Emo Capodilista, located at the foot of the Colli Euganei, has been Calegaro company’s headquarters since 1968. The Calegaro family has chosen this place as the beating heart of its business.


The name “Emo Capodilista” was the result of the meeting of two important families: the Emo family and the Capodilista family.
The Emo family was one of the founders of the Serenissima Republic of Venice and saw, among its members, numerous celebrities including prosecutors of San Marco, Governors, Dukes of Candia and Admirals.
The Capodilista family, however, arrived in Veneto in the wake of Carlomagno’s descent in 800 and its members defeated the longobards to obtain many feuds and the title of accounts.

It was after the fall of the Serenissima that the two families merged with the marriage of Leonardo Emo and Beatrice Capodilista. The surname then became Emo – Capodilista.

During the 19th century, the Emo Capodilista family donated an important collection of art to the city of Padua. Even today you can admire these masterpieces that are part of the heritage of Padua’s civic museums.


The construction of the villa occurred in 1864 and is due to Giorgio Emo Capodilista, commander of the second Genoa and Novara Cavalry Brigade against the Austro-Hungarians in the defense of Pozzuolo del Friuli, the beginning of the revolt during the First World War.
Until the date of his death, 1940, the villa was his residence. In the “Venetian terrazzo” floor it is possible to read “G.E.C 1864”, his initials and the date of construction of the building.


In 1921, Luigi Calegaro founded the Calegaro company. It was a small shop in Via del Santo, in the center of Padua. In the 40s it was established as a solid industrial entity and in 1968 the Villa Emo Capodilista was chosen as the new headquarters.
Next to the Villa a production area of ​​40 thousand square meters was built, with a total covered area of ​​12 thousand square meters.
In 2016, by the will of Francesco Calegaro and his sons, the whole Villa is restored. The intent is to bring to light the elegance and refinement of the main salon and side wings. Thanks to the restoration work the Villa relives its ancient fasts.
A building so rich in history and tradition can only be the perfect home to a company with strong values ​​such as Calegaro.

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