Calegaro is among the firms selected from Made in Padova to represent our territory’s excellence, in furniture and design, to promote creativeness through the world.

Furniture & Design Made in Padua - Silverware Calegaro 1921

Calegaro PUBBLICAZIONI Made in Padova | Furniture & Design

Interior design : Paduan excellence

Fernando Zilio, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Padua

“A passion, the search for ideas, styles and forms of design to create excellent furniture, which is even able to cross the border into the art word.

Yet also the attractin to beautiful, rare, precious, and original objects thet can truly express the uniqness of Made in Padua.”

Design and Culture

Renzo Modenese, President of the Wood and Furnishing Section,Confindustria Padua

“The majority of the top European furniture brands are Italian,

true symbol of the Made in Italy lifestyle and the result of the marriage between design and fashion,

fruit of the union among creativity, artisanship and industrial ability.”